Pricing: Did We Say Free?

Yes! But we also have several paid plans - to help keep us off the streets
1memberin your private project


$5/mo per unique member across owned projects
$60paid yearly
  • Unlimited number of members
  • Unlimited private projects
  • Unlimited public projects
  • Up to 10GB of storage in private projects
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  • Up to 3 members on private project
  • 1 Private project
  • Unlimited public projects
  • Up to 300MB of storage in private projects


  • Extended support
  • On-premise option
  • Cloud option
  • It might make sense for more than 50 users
  • Particularly cost-effective beyond the 150 user mark

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Why focus only on your own project when there is so much to see, so much to do, so many people to meet?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Taiga

Taiga can handle both simple and complex projects. We believe work can be made more enjoyable if the management tool can get out of the way and allow people to focus on the job at hand. Having to deal with a complex, unintuitive tool just adds more hassle and complication. We built Taiga to be simple, intuitive and easy. A tool that anyone can learn to use without need for instruction or training.

Who Is Taiga For?

What is the best way to get started using Taiga?

If you are familiar with agile methodologies, you can jump right in. No need to see videos, read manuals or get trained. Just dig around our documentation and this support page for a quick overview.

When you first create a project you'll be asked if you want to use the Kanban template, or the Scrum template. If you're unsure, select either. You can then enable them both. You can decide which to keep later, and you can switch back and forth between using either or both at any time..

What is the best way to get started using Taiga?

What's the difference between public and private projects?

Private projects are accessible only by the individuals who are granted access by the project administrators. As an administrator, you can change the status of the project from “private” to “public” by going to the Admin > Project > Project Details page and toggling the switch at the bottom of the page. When a project is marked as “public” anyone can access every section of your project and view its content. Users WILL be able to see data, but WILL NOT be able to make any changes unless they were invited to become members of the project by the project administrator.

Learn more about public and private projects

Still with doubts? Visit our support center or write us

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Why focus only on your own project when there is so much to see, so much to do, so many people to meet?
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